Being a dancer has allowed me to travel around the world, see so many different things and meet very diverse people, and it has allowed me to discover myself in amazing ways. I’ve had lovers, boyfriends and hookups from all over the world, allowed myself to live the experiences I would have considered as a cliche in my head.

I have lived onboard a cruise ship for almost 5 years. And the first time I fell in love was on a ship, I was the first guy he ever had sex with and we’re still friends till the day, we would both meet up in random places, have sex in the toilets while our roommates weren’t there or even fuck quietly on the top bank with Leo sleeping under us. We’ve been good friends till today, we’ve had ups and downs but that experience made us who we are today. We traveled together and we went through some nasty moments. He was also the first guy I ever sexted with other guys, we would sit in front of the laptop together and get into random website chats. We lived under the same roof for 5 months, when I first met him I knew instantly that was gonna be something, that same night we kissed. We used to buy little presents for each other all the time or just bring cookies to each other. One time he got mad and he just threw that cheap ring I gave him overboard. It was a passionate affair, trust me. And we cried, we cried a lot when we had to say goodbye. 

After him it’s been just a few times, it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes it just hits different. Sometimes it’s not just skin, it’s more than fun. And when it happens you know that the hurricane it’s coming, that you will be thinking about that connection for hours, days, months and sometimes years. There’s that instant when you realize that it’s not just your bodies that are connected, you’re in sync. It happened on our first encounter and I knew from the first second they were gonna mean something, and they all did, I don’t think there’s something like love at first sight but I do believe in fast connections, in trusting your gut, I was never mistaken. And it feels good, but it’s scary. Because I know what comes next, and I know I fall for it and I can’t let him go. But it always ends up in memory, in something really hard to find again, something that you don’t even know if it’s gonna happen ever again. I guess that’s the magic of it.

The crazy fun is always appreciated, I have twin Cypriot brothers who made me discover how fun a sauna can be, and things go further than sex, we built a bond being silly meeting strangers, running away from creeps, and that’s happened with other friendships, my best friend and I have lived the most surreal situations. We met a guy on a Greek beach and I don’t even know what happened in the darkness inside those waters.

Sometimes we had scary situations but for sure these experiences and sharing them with my friends has made our relationship better and allowed us to feel comfortable in our own skin and also realize that we are not alone and some shit that happens to us happens to everyone. 

I have been through more crazy stuff on board, from the incredible experience of enjoying an S&M night with the Human Resources Manager to jumping from room to room on a drunken night. But you can ask me about that, I’ll tell you with a drink…