That August morning, before summer vacation, Chris came home. we didn’t know him at all, we didn’t know who he was, if we would connect or if we would understand each other. we let Chris and his camera into our house, into our bed and into our briefs. we were very turned on by the situation of knowing we were being watched by Chris and he knew how to look mischievously.

The intimacy is precious and it is good to share it. Sometimes we share intimacy and fantasies with other boys who also go into our briefs. there are always the two of us and one or more are added. this couple game of non-verbal communication that happens with other guys, I love it. I love taking off the new guy’s underpants and putting them on. I love being intimate with others, especially when they cum on my chest. the experience is different every time: sometimes we talk for a long time, sometimes we shower together, sometimes we separate quickly and then it’s time for the second part of the encounter, now it’s just the two of us.

That morning, in addition to Chris, Xuxo came in, whom we didn’t know either, of whom we had seen some photos but with whom we hadn’t chatted too much. Xuxo arrived a bit later when we were already naked, we were already very horny, none of the three of us made an effort to hide our erection and Xuxo did not take a second to catch up. the noise of the shots marked the rhythm of the kisses, the gasps, the looks and the hands. the camera knew how to predict the next moment, where it would be touched, what kisses would be given, which cock would be sucked and which ass would have the tongue deeper.

There were four of us and the camera, and despite not knowing each other the intimacy was generated instantly. the speed of the kisses went up without control. the camera collected video, digital and analog photos. We went from the living room to our bed and from snogging to penetration. It was all very fast and very strong and very intimate and they all came on my chest.