It’s been a long wait. After one year, I have decided to publish two new zines, issue 14 & 15. 2023 is a year that I will never forget, a lot of happy encounters and moments, also a lot of struggles and sadness. My husband of 20 years passed away recently. I have tried my best to steer my life in the right direction and carry on. Still it’s very difficult. Memories that we have shared and stories of ours have never been more important. I believe we can find comfort and strength in stories of ourselves and others. 

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We have reached the goal for Issue 14 & 15 in a few days. Thank you so much.

To share more, I want to make the long waited Sex Zine 2, which collects real sex stories submitted by my followers and series of my own work. I have inviated a few inspirational photographers to share their sexy work in the new zine as well. It’s exciting!