We were best friends and our friendship lasted for 5 years. We used to have girlfriends at that time and then he suddenly told me he could also be into guys, which was definitely not a common thing in such a small Italian town.

Shortly after he started meeting a guy. I was very jealous and because of that, we became not as close as before. Their relationship came to an end after a few weeks and he confessed to me that he liked me more than a friend.

I was reluctant because I just didn’t want to accept the fact that I was into him or any other guy but with his advances he always managed to make me horny, especially when seated next to each other during the lessons in high school.

After some weeks I couldn’t stand the situation anymore: I finally came up with the plan to meet at my place when my parents were away and on their bed it finally happened: all the tension accumulated in months was concentrated in that moment, in his mouth sucking me off.

I don’t remember precisely what happened or how we ended it up but I do remember I was speechless for some minutes: I just had the first and best blowjob of the world by a guy, it felt so different, so good.

In the following period I got really into it and he too, if possible even more, we tried more and our relation got closer. Suddenly we realized it was not just sex and we had feelings for each others, it was a total revelation.

We started our relationship in secret and then moved together to Milan, the big city. Of course at the beginning we were scared, very discreet but then we just realized that people were very accepting and we could be ourselves and be a couple.

We survived many challenges, including a year of studying abroad in different cities but when we came back, with new international horizons, our desire of exploring the world was too big, driven by ambition, curiosity and awareness to live life to the fullest.

It was time to let it go, to embrace our potential to be and do whatever we could dream of. I don’t know if I will ever find another person like, the one with whom I grew up from childhood to adulthood, but what I know is that I will never forget the love, feelings and emotions I had in those beautiful years: now it’s been almost 10 years and they’re fresh like yesterday.