Instagram: online.persona

Ever since I was young my biggest fear was losing my memory. I was terrified of forgetting all the significant moments of my life, the people, the places, the parties. 

I turned to photography as a way of capturing and documenting all the special moments. A way to keep hold of everything around me. Eventually this fascination grew and became about documenting my experience with intimacy and with my own body, two things I’d never been encouraged to appreciate. 

Eventually that grew into documenting other people’s queer experiences and the relationships that can form through capturing new friends and new family. 

My work focuses on the importance of visibility and vulnerability. It’s an offering to a younger self who was isolated and insecure in their queerness, a younger self who felt so alone and now understands the importance of community and of chosen family. My work aims to provide a sense of comfort and reliability, a platform where other queers can see themselves and feel at home.