Raised in a big town close to Pompei, between high mountains and the sea, I have been living my life, surrounded by nature, history, and art. This amazing environment contrasted with the lack of open-mindedness of the majority of the people living there in the ‘70s.

When you are a child you do not understand why you feel different and sometimes alone. I did not join the football team like the rest of the children,  I preferred to spend my time drawing…There came the problems: “why don’t you like it?” People asked me, “you must be a fag!” I was annoyed not just by the term of fag but the way how it’s said and pronounced, to treat different people like somebody weird and unacceptable.

Being a teenager was tough, living a life you did not really fit in. I felt uncomfortable with my body and my deep desires, I have been always attracted by men, but it was wrong at those times. Later I had a chance to live and study abroad and suddenly I discovered a new world…a new me. I started discovering and enjoying my sexuality. My creativity jumped to a higher level. It is so important how feeling yourself and full freedom can feed your mind, out of any label, gender, race, etc.

After living in big cities, a few years ago I decided to move to Mallorca where I work as a designer and ceramist with my own brand. This island is amazing, full of people from different countries, art and nature. At almost 50 years old, I may say that I have found a place that I can call home. Always in good company with my labrador Babá, I love to walk in the old city of Palma, discovering new details, corners, and people every day.

A few months ago I met a nice and lovely french man living here who I want to live a lot of adventures with. I do not know if happiness exists but this “now” makes me proud and full of energy. In the end, it is a matter of choice…