I’ve always thought that things could change if you do your part. And honestly time has shown me this. My personal story is long, intense, marked by events that may seem to fit perfectly in a book by any famous author. But I’ll save the details for when I write my book, haha.

I was born in a town outside of Málaga. I was born of a gypsy father and a humble mother who was raised on a farm. My childhood was marred with pain, abandonment, and introspection. During my adolescence I was a rebel who fought against the system and desired to move to the capital. And so it was.

I dedicated my life to studying my greatest passion, art; it was my salvation so as not to fall into darkness but instead to search for love, which had slipped away many times without me understanding the reasons. I traveled a lot throughout Spain until I found my place in Barcelona, where I found peace and tranquility that I enjoy to this day and help me to become a better person.

It was almost a year ago, none of the three of us knew each other. I guess things don’t happen casually and just before we met, each of us was still searching for his own individuality, with his own ups and downs. We met in such a natural way that allowed us to come together and allow ourselves to be simply who we are. 

We had never considered a relationship, even less, a relationship of three people together. Without realizing we began turning from strangers to friends, from friends to lovers, from lovers to emotional partners and I will not say boyfriends because all in all I don’t like this word as we see it as expired and not being able to describe the nature of our emotional paradigm.

Yes, we are three. Three that love each other, respect each other, fuck each other and mark our proper individuality, and that defines our love. Love is free.