Hello, beautiful people,

We did it again! Thank you so much. I can’t imagine the Taleofmen project could have carried on for such a long time without your support, especially those who have been here from the very beginning. 

This time, it’s even more special due to the recent event in my personal life. Making these new issues has become a safe space for me to be concentrated and occupied. Revisiting photographs of people I met in the past, talking about the new zines with people, and the anticipation for their launch offer so much solace in these difficult times.

Since there is still a long time before the campaign ends, I have started working on another special edition: Tale of Men Sex Zine 2, following the success of the the first Sex Zine which has been sold out. Sexuality remains an important topic for the Taleofmen project. It’s a big part of our life. There is so much more than simply the action itself. 

This special zine is a celebration of body and sex by me, you and others. Talk a look at the kickstarter campaign to get an impression.