Text & Photos by Antwan J Thompson

Your birthmark is like a map

guiding me to your body

how many miles until I reach your heart?

the distance to your lips won’t stop me

the journey to see you within you is somewhat pleasant

every curves and speed bumps

even the mountains have junk in their junk

the field I wished to dance

with my fingers at the tip of your hair

the moon and the sun shine in your eyes

I wish to be lost by the discovery

that’s within in you; I’m free

a man of my own

yearning to breathe

by the sight of you

you gave me wings to fly

water to swim deep in your soul

the shade when you kissed

I can feel the golden warm in you

Giving me life back

I’m awaken

then you say goodbye

and took back those gift you gave me

I’m nothing

but hopefully what’s left

remains is enough

to survive without you