CORO(M)ASTURBATION is a video compilation project that portraits people’s self pleasure moments under the confinement. Our social lives as we have known are disrupted by the corona virus. We nevertheless stand together. As most countries are enforcing “social distancing” rules, it has never seemed so important to take care of oneself. “Stay at home, love yourself and have fun” is the message. The compilations are made with videos submitted by people around the world via Instagram.

As countries relax the lock down rules and open their borders, life starts to return to normal. Almost 4 months have past. Looking back at those moments, it seems a bit surrealistic. Here are the teasers of the COROMASTURBATION clips.

Long uncensored versions will come soon.


Coromasturbation Day 1


Coromasturbation Day 2


Coromasturbation Day 3


Coromasturbation Day 4


Coromasturbation Day 5


Coromasturbation Day 6


Coromasturbation Day 7