Romantic Fucker

By: Ed from Warsaw

Have you ever wondered what is like to fall in love with your hookups or one-night-standers? Well! It happens to me a lot. This magic vibe that suddenly comes to my mind right after you met a guy, knowing that you would never see him again? But afterward, you realized, when closing your eyes, that those sex scenes remain intact in your memory. That’s why I consider myself a romantic fucker. A combination of romantic & kinky fucker.

That summer day we met and I had to admire his golden ringlets. Wearing denim loose-shorts, He was waiting for me at his building main door. I couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. He was a Polish living proof Cupido (let’s call him M.): curly blond hair, a great complexity, a masculine built-back, “a swimmer”—I thought —blue eyes, strong and blond-hairy legs, with a perfect smile. Love at first sight. As he walked me upstairs to his apartment, I noticed some precum drops on my trousers. I was absolutely panicked, wanted to breed him so badly, & since then, couldn’t take away that idea from my mind.

He noticed I was married (my wedding ring?) but still he didn’t even mention it or did pose any question. Instead, naked I entered the bathtub holding a skinny cigarette. He got me green wine. I  started to pose questions about his tattoos. “How about tattoos?” —I asked— “I want you permanently inscribed on my body. Like a watermark. I’ve never gotten a tattoo before. Never had my ears pierced. What I know is that I want my body never to be the same again”—I thought—.

As I stood up still extremely wet, we kissed gently with our lips and tongue. He grabbed my chin like asking me to get a towel, but it was too late as he did hold me in his arms to the bedroom like a baby. Drying me with a towel, he blew job me, like edging at the same time my hard cock. I thought M. liked to fetish on brown boys like me, as he took some selfies slapping my cock on his white pretty face. My brown, thick, and uncut dick matched perfectly on his fucking angelic face. Self-confident, I turn him over and filled my fingers with lube. First, I rimmed him softly, massage his hole, fingered him in & out, in & out, in & out. He was a cumdump, as he moaned asking me for more: “fuck me, Papi”—he said— “I want you to be mine”—I replied—

This is how I want us to be. I noticed his nerves, but still, his hole was so ready and expanded, I pushed-in my brown dick on his hairless hole while grabbing his large size butt. My precum was out of control. It was like fucking a soft apple pie. We both were sweating, in doggy pose, staring at the mirror. I spread my sweat on his face, he closed his eyes while pushing forth & back, forth & back. He smiled like a slut. I couldn’t stand it anymore, He pushed out my sperm in my mouth. He begged me to get together sometime. I promised him not to come too soon for next time. It was not the last, though. I knew he was a romantic fucker.